baron_steffan (baron_steffan) wrote,

A Confession and an Epiphany

At Pennsic, I met a gentleman of my acquaintance, who greeted me with "Hello, Great-Grandpa". He was the protege of the protege of my protege. And I didn't know that. And I should have. He was clearly proud of that, and I was honored to realize that. It occurred to me that I have a legacy, and that some of those in it are more aware of it and prouder of it than I've been. Now, even in the early days I was vague about who was a Silverwing and who wasn't, but I've considered this and consulted with a couple of you at Pennsic, and I'm saying explicitly:

(A) If you are or were my protege/apprentice/esquire/vassal/equerry/yeoman/etc. and you have proteges/apprentices.../etc., I'd like to know who they are. Don't assume I know, because I clearly don't.

(B) What's more, effectively immediately, anyone in such a "direct line" may consider him/herself to be A MEMBER OF HOUSE SILVERWING. (And yes, there is an absolute individual right to opt out for whatever reason).

I'll be publishing the list as I compile it, on the EK Wiki.

If you *weren't* my protege/apprentice, but rather my brother/sister/kinsman in the Household, and you have your *own* legacy, I am *NOT* claiming your people. That wouldn't be right. (Still, it would be nice to know who they all are).

Why, you may wonder, am I doing this publicly, without consulting privately with all my kinsmen / former students first?

The answer is: why not? First, I'm admitting publicly that I should have paid more attention. Second, we're so diverse and dispersed, it seemed like a waste of effort. I note that we've been described as "more an alumni association than a household": I don't think that's in any way derogatory; it's an expression of how far we've come and what we've individually accomplished in 30+ years. We don't have household activities anymore (beyond a few of us who march with the EK standard at Pennsic). We don't camp together at Pennsic or make group feast reservations. But it's been made clear to me that many of your people respect their heritage -- more than I have -- and are proud of that association.

So what does "being a member of Silverwing" mean, practically speaking? Silverwing status mentis est...we're a state of mind. It means you can choose to say you're a Silverwing. It means you get to wear that badge in the upper left if you want.

Most of all it means I'm proud of you all, and honored by our association.
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