June 14th, 2011


The Movie I've Waited 50 Years For

The more trailers for Green Lantern that come out, the better I'm feeling about it. I mean, I still have qualms about the physical casting. Blake Lively? Really? Probably one of the most non-Carol-Ferris actresses I could name. And Ryan Reynolds was the best they could do for Hal? Okay, so not Nathan Fillion. But what about Nicholai Coster-Waldau?

It does seem like too many characters know Hal's secret in the film, though. Carol seems to. And that nerdy guy in the "I know, right?" scene can't possibly be Tom Kalmaku. So who is he?
Jeez, could he be Alan Scott's cabbie friend, Doiby Dickles? Please, just say no.

Other than that though, it's looking wicked cool. Tomar-Re looks *awesome*. He's always been drawn as a cartoon chicken. But this Tomar-Re has great detail, and looks like a somewhat avian alien. Abin Sur: check. Sinestro: check. Kilowog: check (although I need to hear more booming in his voice). Salaak: check. And I just saw the first trailer with a Guardian: nicely done!

Constructs! They got constructs! The way the comic has been going, I was actually afraid they'd forget that!

I may pay for the 3-D the first time on this one. After all, I will be seeing it more than once %^).
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