baron_steffan (baron_steffan) wrote,

Character Names in "The Hobbit" Movie

Jesus, am I the only person who actually read the appendices in Lord of the Rings? (Yeah, probably).

First, the LotR films had Smeagol and Deagol, whose names are pronounced SMEY-a-gaul and
DEY-a-gaul, but no, in the films they're pronounced "Smeegle" and "Deegle". Now pay attention
to the names of the dwarves mentioned here. It's Owe-in, and Glow-in. Two syllables, you morons. Not Oyn asnd Gloyn (rhymes with Coin and Groin). Tolkien was a philologist. Philologist means "word-lover". You've done him proud. Sheesh.
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