baron_steffan (baron_steffan) wrote,

Great Time at Carolingian 40th

What a wonderful event. It was fun to see so many old faces and to have such great conversations about the Old Days. Most groups try to do everything to the fullest when they're new, and then learn the corners they can cut, what they can get away with, and without. Carolingia never did that: a Carolingian event is the SCA as it should have been, nothing by halves.

I heralded in (and somewhat messed up at) a fun, silly mumming before the dancing, whereat jducoeur playing Apollo, accompanied by Terpsichore, "audited" the barony's artistic activities. I'm no good at improvisation, but it went very well despite the flub.

The capper, of course, was that auntie_elspeth was inducted into the Carolingian Order of the Daystar for service to the barony over several decades. Carolingia, unlike many baronies, doesn't have a separate "out-barony" service award. If you serve Carolingia, you are Carolingian, in keeping with the baronial motto "Carolingia Status Mentic Est": Carolingia is a State of Mind. Still, this was a very rare thing, and a very great honor. You can't hide here in Bridge any more, Beth: you're a Carolingian! %^).
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