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Green Lantern: Mild Spoilers & Possible Fanboy Overload

a/k/a The Movie I've Waiting For For Fifty Years....

It was...good. Good, not great. Better than I'd feared, not as good as I'd hoped. Ryan Reynolds did a good job, enough that I was able to buy him as Hal despite being physically wrong. Blake Lively was surprisingly okay, and there were a couple scenes that were pretty much lifted from the comic, so...okay then. Tomar Re looked great, Kilowog was what we expected I guess. I don't recall Salaak: I thought I'd seen him in a trailer. Good Abin Sur, very good Sinestro. Lots of cameos from GLs like Bzzd and Apros. Tom Kalmaku, though...that guy didn't look Inuit to me. The actor has a name that may be Samoan or Maori: I'm thinking the latter. Like the promotion from grease-monkey, though.

Gotta say, I liked what they did with the weaving of the several plot lines -- Hector, Parallax, rogue Guardians, Sinestro and the Yellow Ring (did you stay for the cookie?). I really liked the origin story for Parallax, and his demise followed the comic continuity. Other subtle bits: Carol's flight handle is "Sapphire"...Nice: I don't recall that from the comic, but maybe. Lots of constructs: that's what GL is all about, after all. It'd be nice if the comics guys remembered that %^).

And the movie had the hands-down best line EVAR in a superhero movie. Worth the price of admission just for that. (Hint: It's when GL appears on Carol's balcony in costume, with the mask. The scene was a clear homage to the Christopher Reeve "Superman" movies, but it went in an awesome new direction).
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