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Atlantian 30th

Haven't posted for quite some time. Thought I'd note the fine time we had on Labor Day weekend. Since my rather odd but frequently wicked-cool schedule just turned out that way, I had an extended holiday weekend and we decided to drive to Virginia (hey, we're in the SCA!) for the 30th Anniversary of the founding of the Kingdom of Atlantia. I had been there 30 years ago for the coronation of King Michael I, and he's king again 30 years later, pretty amazing in itself. We stayed with Viscountess Jeanmaire and the household of the Cursed Grail, a pirate group from the barony of Marinus. Really good folks, and we look forward to seeing them again.

Part of the idea was to connect with old friends in the area, including disneybaroness and Louie, and Publius and Mathilde, but the formers had car trouble and the latters also had issues preventing a trip out to the site. We did connect with Amy and Louie for some sightseeing and dinner later.

It was great, as well, seeing old faces: Sir Strykar, Countess Allanda, Sir Tnek and Mistress Tannis, Sir Axel, Baron Donal mac Ruiseart, and others. (The problem with principalities and kingdoms splitting off is, you don't see those folks anymore unless you meet at Pennsic.) There was a nice history display, including a pic of me heralding the Coronation court 30 years ago. auntie_elspeth and I got to play Eastern ambassadors and conveyed the greetings of lucanusdux and swanduchess.

A nice post-vacation vacation.
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